Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Still alive!

My mother-in-law checked in with me this morning pointing out that I hadn't posted in a few days.  We are in fact alive and well.  I've been waiting to post after I uploaded my pictures, and I haven't done that because my photo system is a royal pain.  Also, I've been tired in the evenings, and more in the mood for reading than writing.

Luke left for home this morning and it's been an adjustment.  We had gotten into a a bit of a groove, a routine, and I felt a little lost today.

This afternoon we had some visitors, which was a nice distraction from my melancholy state of mind.  I have been corresponding with a guy I initially "met" on the tripadvisor.com forum for Samara.  He and his wife have lived here for 7 years.  He has been a HUGE resource for me.  Today when I asked him (via e-mail) for advice on what to do about Dane and I getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, he offered me a bed net.      He came by with his wife and darling 18 month old daughter to drop the net off, and stayed and chatted for a couple hours while kids swam in the pool.  They were totally normal (you never know with so many weirdos online) and really nice!  We talked about getting together later in the week.  Too bad they are moving in a couple weeks =(.

(this is my view from inside the net using my computer camera)

I am really excited about the bed net!  Regardless of how hard I try to keep the mosquitos out of the bedrooms, crank up the A/C, spray us down with repellent, and try to keep the covers on us, Dane and I both wake up with tons of huge welts on our bodies (Dane worse than me).  The rest of the family apparently doesn't taste as good, as they only get a few nibbles here and there.

I'll share some pictures of our last few days soon!  Zeke has started preschool, so I will fill you in on that too.



  1. I love that you made new friends! And is it weird that I always kind of wanted to sleep with a bed net? I just think it looks kind of cool!