Thursday, June 24, 2010

La fiesta de cumpleaños

I am beat.

Today is Genevieve's birthday.  Did you know that 8 year olds have high expectations for their birthdays?  I thought we were going to have a simple little celebration.  Unfortunately nothing is simple or easy here (at least for this gringa).

The party prep.  I purchased and modified some invitations I found in town.  The selection was pitiful, but we made it work.  We only needed 4 invites, which we handed out just 2 days ago  =)

Genevieve invited 2 sets of siblings from school (one Amercian, and one Tico).  We also verbally invited a couple families staying at our villas, and Annie, a language student we sat next to on the plane ride here (& whom we see almost everyday).  We had the potential to have no one show up, or upwards of 18 people.

Last night I made batches of cupcakes in a toaster oven.  I made mini cupcakes to take to G's class, and big cupcakes for her after school party.  They turned out so-so, but a toaster oven is not an ideal baking unit.

I spent the morning taking Zeke to school, going to the bank, ordering the (4) pizzas to be delivered, frosting cupcakes, buying ice cream, taking the cupcakes to G's class, cutting up fruit, decorating the big patio, and picking Zeke up from school.   I was in a full blown sweat before the party even started.

The party was to start at 11:30.

At 11:25 the heavens opened up and it began raining, and thundering.  At the same time we were invaded by a large group of old, speedo-wearing Europeans.

Don't believe me?

By 12:00 the rain was coming down, and we only had 2 kids at the party (the Americans), and no pizza yet.

I'm not gonna lie.  It was a pitiful "party".  I felt bad for Genevieve.  I felt bad for me and all my sweaty effort.   And the gigantic bowl of fruit I prepared, and the 4 pizzas that were getting delivered.

By 12:10 I decided to walk to the friends house that didn't show up.  When I got there the kids were just goofing off, and the mom explained to me she thought the party was tomorrow.  I explained (in my horrible spanish) it was today, and in fact NOW, and brought the kids back with me.  By the time we got back the rain had subsided, and the speedo-wearing Europeans were getting out of the pool.

Things were looking up!

(Genevieve & her friend Tiana have matching swimsuits by pure coincidence)

I went to the front desk to ask if they could call the pizza place to find out where our pizzas were.  That is when I was informed they don't actually deliver.  My pizzas were sitting there waiting to be picked up.  Now, I know my spanish is no bueno.  But on Tuesday I asked them if they delivered, and they said yes.  This morning I confirmed again that they would bring the pizzas to me.  I wrote down the name of our complex.  She nodded and said "si".

Here I now had a pool of 7 kids, and no way to get the pizzas.  Daniella (the receptionist) offered to call a taxi to pick up and bring me the waiting pizzas.

One of the families staying at the villas showed up and joined in.  Annie ended up popping by for a quick visit (with a sweet gift of goggles).  The rest of the party went well (except for Zeke who was a royal stinker the whole time.  Did I mention he peed his pants?....on my lap).

Minus me having to go get the guests, and the pizza delivery fiasco, it was just like a party in the US! (ha ha ha)

We gave out little bundles of sparkly pencils and pixie sticks for party favors, and Genevieve declared it a great birthday.

Mission accomplished.

And a few more pics for good measure.

I am beat.


  1. YOU'RE AWESOME!!! keep up the good work=)

  2. This is one birthday Genevieve won't ever forget! :) Good job mama!!

  3. ...Good job! and I love the part about Zeke..peeing in his pants... on your lap! Crack me up!