Friday, June 11, 2010

No gatito!

We were lolli-gagging around town with Zeke waiting for G & D to get out of school at 11:20.  We go over to the school gate to wait and there's an American tourist holding a newborn kitten.  She says there were 3 of them abandoned by their mom.  We explain we can't take it because we do not live here permanently.  I ask where the other kittens are, and she tells me some of the school kids took them home and she hopes they care for them.

We keep waiting for the kids, but they don't come out.  I finally go in and ask a teacher what time school finishes today.  She tells me they already finished and the kids left!

As we head out the gates I ask an older student what time school got out on Fridays for 2nd grade and she tells me 10:30!  So the kids have been out for an hour and we don't know where they are.  We start walking down the street toward our villa and I see some kids in uniform at the end of our street.  We keep walking and sure enough it is Genevieve, Dane and another classmate.  Genevieve is in another shirt, so they have obviously been home and then come back out.  She is also holding... a newborn kitten.

She starts telling us the story of the motherless kittens, and how they volunteered to take one.  "We adopted it" she says.  Luke and I start explaining how we can't keep the cat, that we aren't allowed to, and that it's a baby that needs someone to give it milk in a bottle, etc.  They inform us that they already gave it milk.

Then the tears started.
"But it's ours, we adopted it........."
More tears.
(repeat over and over)

We gave the kitten to the boy they were with.

When we get to the villa there is a large bowl on the porch with milk in it.  I asked how the kitten reached the milk, to which they answered, "he got in".

Genevieve has spent the afternoon between tears and trying to convince us to get her a cat for her birthday when we get home.


  1. Did I mention I have kittens??? :)

  2. so glad you are blogging this...that's a story to remember!