Thursday, June 3, 2010

The final hours.....and doubt!

I think we're about T minus 40 hours (what does that mean anyway? T

And I am officially overwhelmed, and in the crazy cycle.

What was I thinking?
This is nuts.
I can't be a single parent in a foreign country.
I don't know Spanish.
What if the kids hate it?
What if it's nothing like I pictured?
What if someone gets sick or hurt?
What if I didn't pack enough ranch dressing packets?

Yes, my craziness extends to ranch dressing.

Because....going to Costa Rica means eating a lot of salad.  Obviously.

Nope, there's no explaining the crazy cycle.  It's just where I'm at.

Sleep (lack of) and stress are the culprits.

And I might have cried today when I picked up Dane from school.

Just maybe.

So if you see me weeping in the next 40 hours, there's probably no explanation.

Except that I am trying to pack up my entire life in suitcases, and tie up all loose ends here (school, business, home, pets, plants, bills, mail, presents, ETCETERA) before we board the plane.  In T minus 39 hours.

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  1. Breathe lady... you are going to be fine and this is going to be the trip of a lifetime! I am so excited for you!