Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The scoop on school

While the big kids were at school we took the opportunity to explore town with Zeke.  We took a long walk, and ended up seeing some wild horses.  The tide was high so we couldn't make the loop along the beach that brings you back into town.  So we made a U-turn and high-tailed it back to get the kids on time.  We had a nice refreshing drizzle.  We haven't seen much sun yet, but the warm weather makes up for the lack of sunshine.

We picked up the kids from school and found out 3 interesting things.

1. Dane was put in 2nd grade.  He just finished Kindergarten at home.  I requested that he be put with kids his own age (6).  I asked another girl in his class how old she was and she said 8.  Dane can barely write, so this should be interesting.  (Genevieve was put in 3rd grade)

2. Genevieve was called Jennifer all day by both the teacher and classmates.  She said she tried to correct them at first but they didn't understand, so she let them continue to call her Jennifer.

3. They fed the kids lunch at school.  The kids said they had rice, salad, and potatoes.  And they said they ate it (that might be the bigger surprise).

Genevieve said she made some friends.  A girl named Amanda stayed with her the whole time.  At recess she even bought Genevieve a snack from one of the street vendors that comes up to the school fence selling stuff.  Ay yay yay!  I never thought to tell the kids to not eat off the street because I didn't think it was a possibility for them.  Lets hope those probiotics are doing their work!

Dane gave us less info, but that is par for the course.  Genevieve complained that all they did was write all day long.  The good news is, even if they don't especially like school they get done at 11:20, so they have the rest of the time to enjoy the beach, pool, and town.

All in all, I don't think they loved it, but I don't think they hated it either.

Here we are having a first day of school treat of helados!

And now a dip in the pool.  I have to admit, I'm feeling pretty spoiled.


  1. That's just plain awesome. The whole thing. I wish our kids were the same age. I would totally quit my job and come to Costa Rica to be a single mom with you in another country. Just awesome! Was reading some of your previous posts. Let me know if you need some ranch packets sent your way!

  2. I love that they are going to school there! I just think it is such a cool experience for them! But yeah, may want to nix the street vendors from now on! :)