Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Playing hookie

No pictures tonight.  Did I mention that my point & shoot camera broke right when we got here?  So I have to lug around my big camera, and it's kinda heavy and hard to be discreet.  So it doesn't get taken out every day.  I'm kinda bummed because I have missed some great shots.

The kids were sleeping like the dead when I got the wake up call this morning (at 5:55am thankyouverymuch), so I decided to just go ahead and let them sleep.  Secretly, I wanted a little more sleep too.  And if there was ever an excuse to play hookie, I think living across the street from the beach in Costa Rica is a darn good one.

We went back to the surf school, because once you take a lesson you get to use the board for a full week for free.  I really didn't think the kids would have any luck catching waves without and instructor, but I decided to humor them.  The kids took their boards out, and I went out there to help them.  Because they are on hard boards they really need to stay away from each other, so I could only help one.  I went to help Dane first when I look over and realize that Genevieve went out and caught the first wave she tried.  I continued to help Dane (who was also catching waves with my help) and Genevieve was catching wave after wave.  I helped Dane for about 45 minutes until he got popped on the cheekbone with his board and was done.  Genevieve stayed out there for a good hour and a half to 2 hours surfing.  She is really hooked.

We got a little too much sun today.  I forgot to reapply the sunblock.  I really haven't had to before this point because the rain usually comes in before we are able to get too much sun.

This afternoon the owner of the villas came and got us because he knew the kids have been wanting to see monkeys and there were some outside his house.  It was a short drive away and the kids loved it.  Zeke came back imitating them "hoo hoo aah haa".

What else, what else.

Still getting eaten alive by the skeeters.  Just me and Dane for the most part.  The itching is driving me crazy.

Still loving it here.


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  1. Surfing! That is so awesome! I love the stories!
    Sorry to hear about the mosquitos. Eat some garlic - or take a few garlic pills each day. The mosquitos are sensitive to it and won't like the smell of your skin. I've heard it works well and is good for your body/health too.