Sunday, July 4, 2010

A little bit of Sámara....

This is on my walk back from Zeke's preschool.  I think it's about a mile (that feels like 5) from door to door.  Some days I walk to take him and pick him up.  Some days I feel like I am going to pass out from the heat & humidity on this mile walk, especially when pushing the 30 lbs in the stroller.

And this is Zeke's favorite spot to stop and look at the crabs down below.  You know, right at the edge of the rusty rebar and broken chain link fence.

This is the long hot stretch of the walk.  One day we saw a monkey in the trees on the right. 

The Catholic Church. I have yet to see anybody coming or going from it.  But I have never been over there on a Sunday.

The town's soccer field.  I have not seen anybody on this field.  It's pretty wet and muddy.  I'm thinking they don't use it during the rainy season.  We do see informal games going on at the beach when the tide it out.

The view of the main drag with the beach at the end.  It looks like a pretty good hill, but it's not much of an incline at all.

Dr Freddy's medical office.  Knock on wood we have not had to go there (yet).

Here is one of the two pharmacies in town.  I have been in there plenty.  This is the place to go for anything you would pick up at Longs or Walgreens.

And here's the butcher.  You'll thank me for no indoor pictures.  Actually it's not that bad.  I've seen worse.  Much worse.  In fact, I thought I was going to vomit at the one in Kenya.

And here is the "big" supermarket.
 The food is on the bottom level, and the top level has non-food items (bed nets, clothes, and other random things).

It is not unusual to find outdated food, moldy bread, ants crawling on everything, and stray dogs and cats wandering the isles

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