Monday, July 19, 2010

It's time =(

Our last day =(

We had the rental car for our last full day in Samara before driving ourselves to the airport the next day.  Luke had made an acquaintance in town who hooked us up with somebody else who led us to a semi-private beach.  It was a a beautiful (albeit muddy) hike to get to it, but worth it. 

This little parade filled with ox carts came through the center of town in the afternoon.  I tried asking the significance, but I'm still not sure why it happens.  Apparently it is an annual event though.

One last ice cream at Coco's.  Can you imagine a more perfect setting for an ice cream shop?  Nothing better than enjoying a scoop under a thatched umbrella and log stools.

We took a drive through through Playa Carillo and beyond.  We found the monkeys in the same spot we saw them before, only more of them this time.  They were really fun to watch in their natural environment.

The Last Supper.
We had pizza at our friend Daniela's boyfriends restaurant.  Super yummy pizza that I wish we had discovered earlier.  A cRaZy storm came in while we were there and the water was coming in through the roof like mad (you can see how wet the ground is around us).  It was literally pouring in sheets all around where we sat.  I was getting splashed a bit, but it was refreshing.

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  1. Ok I have to say that looks like absolute HEAVEN and PARADISE. As well as super fun! :)