Thursday, July 15, 2010

Before and After



After I watched my child dangling in the air by his ankle as my husband held on for dear life to his bucking spooked horse.  

I wish I was lying.

I don't have the best track record with horses.  Unfortunately I have a growing list of bad experiences on rented horses, but I keep trying (what's that saying about getting back on the horse?)  Part of it is not giving into my own fear, and part of it is not putting my fears on my kids.

I have been watching these horses every day for almost 6 weeks.  I didn't see one sketchy event in all that time, so when the kids asked if we could ride, I felt pretty good about it.  

Right away my fears were back when my horse was acting a little skittish.  Still, I was glad I was on the sketchy horse since my 3 kids were on the other horses.  Once we got a ways down the beach my horse calmed down and seemed to mellow out.  

The guide was going to send us on our own, but decided to walk with us when my horse was acting up.  I was glad.  Another guide rode with us until my horse calmed down, then he turned to head back to his spot on the beach.  I called back and asked him to stay with us.  He obliged and I'm glad I did. 

We got to the far end of the beach and made the turn around.  The guide said this would be a good time for pictures as the horses were relaxed.  So we took a couple pictures and headed back.  Just a couple minutes later and I hear a commotion behind me.  I turn back and see Luke's horse going bizerk, bucking and spinning in circles and going down on one leg.  Luke is holding the reins with one hand and holding Zeke (who is flying through the air) with his other hand.   Luke is being thrown like a rag doll and Zeke is flung around upside down as Luke holds on to his leg.  His grip was slipping and it appeared like he only had him by his swimsuit which he was slipping out of.   I was helpless on my horse, and couldn't react fast enough.  The guide on the horse rode around to catch Zeke, but he was too low to the ground and he couldn't reach him.  One of the reins in Luke's hand breaks, throwing Luke off the horse the opposite side of Zeke, and Zeke who is now close to the ground, is dropped.  The guide who was walking the horses runs and rescues Zeke before the horse steps on him or kicks him, and Luke scrambles out of the way before getting hurt (he did feel the horses hoof graze him).  

Luke was getting his berrings while the guide was holding Zeke as if it was his own child.  He had the bear grip on him and was comforting him.  I, of course, was crying and processing what had just happened.   G & D were nervous about the horses they were sitting on.  The guide was apologizing over and over and kept saying he needed a double scotch.  You could tell he felt really bad.

Luke, Zeke and I walked back, while G & D rode their horses which were on a lead.  The other guide led our horses back.  

I have had a pit in my stomach replaying what happened in my head over and over.  So thankful everyone is okay, but also can't help the "what ifs" from entering my head.  

I'm so glad Zeke is young enough he will not likely remember this event.  I'm also glad that G & D did not totally freak out (like I did).  While it was scary to watch, I don't think they realized how dangerous the situation really was.

Of all the things you think that can go wrong traveling with kids in a 3rd world country, being trampled by a horse didn't cross my radar.

And by the way.  I think I'm done with horses for a while.  Maybe forever.  

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  1. OHHH Amy! I'm with you... I can just feel what you must have felt! Uh! I'm so sorry that happened. So relieved everyone got out ok!