Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Villas Kalimba

I think the number one question people ask is where we are staying.  I spent weeks (maybe months?) researching this aspect of our trip.  It was hard finding something that had all the things I felt were important.  I wanted a kitchen (eating out with 3 kids is less than enjoyable, not to mention expensive!), a pool, a/c, wi-fi, it had to be an easy walk to the school, the beach, and town, and I preferred something with a property owner on site since I will be a single mom for a month.  Oh, and it had to fit in my budget!

I found that a lot of places will give you a really good rate for such a long stay.  Some of them were even a 40-50% discount!  After much contemplation I settled on Villas Kalimba.  It had everything I wanted. There are 5 detached villas surrounding a pool.

 We are renting a little 2 bedroom/2 bathroom villa with a small kitchen.

The only thing I am nervous about is there is no indoor living area.  The kitchen table and "living space" is on the porch.

But, who goes to Costa Rica to be inside, right? The villas are in a gated compound which adds another level security.

It is just a block from the school and the beach, and there is a small grocery store a couple doors down.  The owner has been more than helpful answering all my questions, and has even gone to the local school more than once on my behalf to enquire about the kids attending.

I'm really excited to call this place home for 6 weeks!  I'm just hoping my kids don't drive the other guests cRaZy!


  1. This is a book in the making. Take good notes.

  2. Ha! I doubt that! You're the one with the writing skillz....not me!

  3. I am so excited for you Amy! That place is gorgeous, and the last place you will want to be is inside!!

  4. you go girl. this looks super fun. I wanna be one of your kids. take me. take me. take me. quiero jugar contigo. mi espanol es un poco malo, pero puedo trabajar duro por tu. por favor.

  5. Brian~ I will take you if you will be my manny.