Friday, May 21, 2010

Costa Rica or Bust!

The countdown is on!  We leave for Costa Rica in just over 2 weeks.  We'll be living there for 6 weeks, in the small town of Sámara, which is on the Guanacaste coast on the west side of the country.  I picked this town because it appears to be quaint, safe, and beautiful.  While there will be American & European tourists, it is a popular vacation spot for Ticos.  I have spent many months researching and making connections in Sámara.  I still feel confident this was the right choice, although only time will tell!

We will be staying in a little 2 bedroom villa with a pool, just a block from the beach.  I have gotten the okay to enroll Genevieve and Dane in the local school.  I have purchased most of what they will need for their uniforms, and will pick up the rest in Nicoya on the way.

Here is an aerial view of the town.

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